A Strong Foundation: Treat Your Feet Right With Proper Shoes, Exercise, and Professional Care

Take a look down at your feet for a minute and consider all that they’re tasked with. From supporting your entire body to propelling you through life, it’s no exaggeration to say that your feet carry an enormous workload. Unfortunately, we often take them for granted and don’t provide them with the support they need.

The team here at Yavapai Foot and Ankle Center, led by Dr. Todd Cox, wants to ensure that our clients have healthy feet that carry them forward through life.

To get started, we want to focus on three important steps you can take to preserve your strong foundation.

1. If the shoe fits

As we’ve mentioned, your feet are awfully small in relation to all that they’re responsible for, yet they still get the job done. This is made possible when your feet are allowed to function as they’re designed, which means every component needs to work together.

One of the worst things people do to feet is outfit themselves with footwear that offsets the balance and workload. The biggest offenders are shoes that crowd your toes, preventing them from spreading out. Making matters worse are shoes with heels that force the pressure down onto the balls of the feet.

If you’re guilty of such footwear, you’re far more at risk for developing irreversible problems, such as bunions or hammertoes, as well as minor, but painful, problems like ingrown toenails.

So, we urge you to take a good, hard look at your footwear and endeavor to wear shoes that:

We understand that fashion may have other ideas for your feet, but you can still find shoes that check both boxes — health and style. For example, women can ditch the pointy, high-heeled shoes for cute flats or shoes that have more of a platform.

2. Strengthen your feet

You exercise to keep various muscles in your body in shape and we urge you not to ignore your feet. Spending some time exercising your feet and ankles can help keep them strong and well-balanced, which can ward off the many problems that lead to foot pain.

The best part is that you can do these exercises while you sit at your desk or watch TV. To get you started, we recommend:

Here are some more great exercises you can try.

3. Get help for your feet

If you want to avoid serious issues in your feet, we urge you to make podiatric care a part of your regular health maintenance. During a visit with us, we can check the health of your feet, perform a gait analysis, and spot potential issues long before they become problematic.

For example, bunions and hammertoes don’t appear overnight — they’re progressive. We can spot these brewing problems and give you the tools you need to ward off what very well might become a surgical treatment if you don't take early action.

As well, if you enjoy an active lifestyle, we can suggest orthotics or other support measures to preserve the health of your feet and ankles.

If you’ve developed foot pain, it’s especially important to come see us as we can quickly identify and remedy the problem, allowing you to regain pain-free movement.

If you have more questions about the care of your all-important feet, please contact our office in Prescott, Arizona, to set up an appointment.

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