Holiday Shopping Foot Pain Relief

The hustle and bustle, the holiday season — it all leaves little room for self-care. It should be the happiest time of the year, but that problem in your foot persists, especially while you’re doing your holiday shopping! Take a moment for you, and bring foot pain relief instead.

You’ve experienced it all — the sales, the frenzy, the endless parties that make it all so exhausting. The holidays should be a moment where you step back and breathe a little easier, but we often forget ourselves in the mix, least of all, our feet. They bear much of what we do, from walking, standing, and running; they are the tools for getting us from place A to B. Create space for them so that you can live more fully.

How do we know that foot pain is one of the main concerns for holiday shoppers?

According to a survey conducted by PROFOOT, 83% of consumers experience foot pain during the holidays. It makes sense: while you’re waiting around, anticipating for a store to open or walking the length of your shopping mall (the average size of one is two football fields long), your feet carry you all the way.

Even retail workers take extra steps during their shifts. This makes a huge impact, considering that your arches withstand 200,000-300,000 pounds of stress per walked mile. Arches absorb the brunt of the pressure that our bodies thrust on the ground alongside each stride we take. For our bodies, that’s a great deal of work and key motivator to locate foot pain relief this holiday season.

More informative tips below.

Step 1 – Take Frequent Breaks.

While you’re shopping, we know that the rush is non-stop. It’s a marathon for sure, from walking between store to store to standing in line at the cash register. Just like athletes who train for a decathlon, your body needs to build the strength and endurance to withstand an extended period of physical activity, but in this case, you didn’t prepare for this race.

That’s why it’s crucial to give your feet and ankles a break while you’re out and about. Rest frequently, and be mindful of when your feet and ankles are telling you, “No more!”

Tips for Resting Easier While You Shop: 

Step 2 – Ensure Your Shoes Are Ready for All of That Walking.

Are you aware that the soles of your trusty, old pair of sneakers have worn away? If you’ve never checked the bottoms of your shoes for wear patterns, you haven’t suspected this, and we recommend that you know the verdict.

Consider the shoes you’re going to wear first before you venture out to complete the items on your holiday to-do list. Awareness of the wear and tear of them sets the foundation for foot pain relief because your shoes help support and align your feet, arches, and ankles, to alleviate any potential knee or back pain.

After inspection, you may need to purchase a new pair of sneakers that enhance and provide for your walking needs. Be sure to break them in before you set out for that big day of shopping.

Step 3 – Mind Those Slippery Surfaces as You Walk.

We know — living in Arizona doesn’t present as much of an ice problem as other places. But with Prescott centrally located in Northern Arizona, the altitude is thousands of feet higher than Phoenix, and there are aspen trees surrounding us. Yes, it snows, and the temperature can reach below freezing. This can cause issues for your feet and ankles if you aren’t careful.

Be Mindful of the Following Things:

Step 4 – Bring a Spare Pair of Shoes with You.

Holiday shopping or not, switching up your shoes can certainly make your feet happy! That pair you love may feel comfy now, but by midday, you could begin to feel some pain. Your feet start to sweat and swell… It’s time to give them a refresher, and bringing an extra pair of shoes and socks with you can help.

Some people don’t like to carry extra shoes with them! If that’s the case, you might consider investing in custom orthotics. These lifesavers can fit into almost any shoe that you have, as well as meet the specific needs of your feet.

And if you’re in pain, please make an appointment with your foot care professional. Temporary issues turn into chronic problems when you disregard this crucial messaging. Contact us today!

Are you experiencing unnecessary foot or ankle pain? Interested in a pair of custom orthotics? Make an appointment with us, sooner rather than later.

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