Say No to Foot Injuries This Hunting Season

Say No to Foot Injuries This Hunting Season

People often associate foot injuries with sports and fitness; you came down too hard on your right ankle during that dunk, or heel pain brought your weekly jog to a standstill. But hunters, no matter the season, are at great risk for these injuries, too. The key thing to remember is safety, knowledge, and investing in equipment that protects you.

As a hunter, you recognize that caution is a backbone, saving yourself and others from unreasonable harm. You’ve thoroughly learned gun and bow safety and can easily secure yourself in a tree stand. When it comes to your feet, though, you might forget that these necessities are carrying you to your next prize. Don’t let a foot injury keep you down this hunting season.

What are the most common foot injuries that we see from hunters?

The most common foot injuries we see are:

• Sprained or fractured ankles

• Fractured heel bones

• Ruptured Achilles tendons

Events like falling out of your tree stand or not minding the uneven terrain around you often lead to these dramatic ends. Remember your inherent caution, and you will arrive prepared.


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How can I prevent foot injuries like these?

Watch your step! You never know what kind of terrain you may be facing, so ensure that you’re walking carefully and calmly.

Wear the right gear. You might think that this is a no-brainer, but some hunters do forget or overlook! Protect your feet and yourself from injury by giving serious consideration to what you should wear or carry with you. If you’re ever in doubt, check out these great resources from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

You’re only as good as your safety equipment. Just like the protective clothes and shoes that you wear, the safety equipment you use is another key component. To avoid falling out of your tree stand, maybe invest in a safety harness!

Let someone know where you are and what time you expect to return. This is a significant step in ensuring that someone can come to your rescue if you do encounter an injury. From fracturing your foot, leg, or ankle, you never know if you’ll be unable to walk to your next destination.

Wear sweat-wicking socks that keep your feet warm, too. We know that we’ve talked at great length already about the importance of our socks, especially during the winter. But it’s worth reiterating, especially while hunting. When you’re waiting outside in potentially cold, damp weather conditions, your feet, if not covered with the right kind of material, can develop blisters and sores from moisture. Be sure to wear socks fashioned out of natural fabrics, like wool or cotton, and even bring an extra pair with you!


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I’m unsure of what shoes are the best for my feet.

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