nail and skin careDry, cracked skin, ingrown toenails, and other podiatric skin and nail issues are more than just aesthetic concerns—they can be uncomfortable, painful, and without proper treatment, increase your risk of other health problems. That’s because healthy skin and toenails serve a greater function than making your feet look cute in sandals; they’re your body’s first line of defense against abrasions, cuts, and infections—and corns, calluses, and the like represent weak links in this all-important armor. 

Fortunately, proper daily foot care, regular visits with a podiatrist, and prompt care for injuries or infections can help your feet look and feel their best. Let us help you ensure that your body's protective shield remains strong, resilient, and ready to support you through every step of life's journey.

Comprehensive Care for Podiatric Nail and Skin Conditions in the Quad Cities

At Yavapai Foot and Ankle Center, our experienced specialist, Dr. John (Todd) Cox, DPM, provides complete podiatric care for patients ages four and up, including gentle, effective solutions for skin and toenail conditions. Whether you require routine care or skilled treatment for a concerning issue, you’ve come to the right place for assistance. Let’s look at some of the most common toenail and skin issues we treat at our practice in Prescott.

Dry, Cracked Skin 

Dry, cracked skin isn’t just uncomfortable or unsightly. In some cases, it can lead to bleeding, sores, or infection. Painfully dry skin can have numerous causes, such as skin conditions like eczema, irritation due to soaps and other products, and exposure to cold weather. Whatever the cause, we can recommend solutions for restoring and maintaining healthy skin.

Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail results from the edge of a nail growing into the surrounding skin, causing redness, tenderness, pain, and an increased risk of infection. The condition is common among active kids and teens, as well as people who frequently wear shoes with narrow toe boxes or round their toenails when trimming them rather than cutting straight across the nail.

In addition to resolving ingrown toenails, professional treatment can help prevent them from becoming a recurring problem. This is particularly vital for patients with diabetes or other underlying health concerns.

Corns and Calluses 

Corns and calluses develop on the parts of the feet routinely subjected to friction and pressure, such as the soles, and on and between the toes, causing thick and hard areas of skin that can become uncomfortable or painful. Our podiatric skin and nail specialist can safely remove hardened skin to help feet feel—and look—better.

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts occur due to a viral infection (HPV) in the skin’s outer layer, which causes hard, grainy, or fleshy growths to develop. These growths can be particularly painful when they form on weight-bearing areas of the feet. Without professional treatment, plantar warts can persist for years. We offer effective interventions to stop plantar warts in their tracks. 

Fungal Toenails

Fungal toenails result from a fungal infection below the nail’s surface, which causes the nail to become thickened, brittle, crumbly, or discolored. Unsightly and embarrassing, fungal toenails can also be painful and spread from nail to nail without prompt professional care.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is caused by the same types of fungi as fungal toenails and causes a dry, itchy, scaly rash to develop between the toes and elsewhere on the feet. When over-the-counter products fail to provide results, our podiatrist can offer solutions for relief.


Ulcers or slow-healing wounds on the feet or lower legs are a cause for concern, particularly for patients with diabetes, neuropathy, or circulation issues. Our expert podiatrist provides high-level wound care services to help patients avoid amputation and other complications.

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From patient education and preventive care to limb-saving wound care, Yavapai Foot and Ankle Center provides the complete care your feet need to look and feel their best. We prioritize conservative methods whenever possible to ensure patient comfort and satisfaction.

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