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Located in Prescott, Yavapai Foot and Ankle Center provides comprehensive podiatric care and exceptional patient support. Browse testimonials from our podiatry patients to discover what makes us the area’s top choice for total foot and ankle care.

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  • The staff is friendly. The office is helpful in accommodating my schedule. In addition to his assessment, Dr. Cox is a good listener who helps determine how to differentiate and approach a diagnosis.
  • Dr. Cox is amazing and very friendly. He doesn’t rush you or diminish your concerns, and he explains everything thoroughly before leaving. Great doctor, and the staff is also amazing!
  • Dr. Cox is an amazing doctor! He is very caring and helps in any way he can. Dr. Cox has always gone above and beyond for me. His whole practice is awesome! A++++
  • Very efficient, I received an appointment right away. Doctor Cox was very personable and was genuinely concerned about me and offered me several treatment options.
  • This visit was the first time I felt like the doctor cared about what was happening to me. I've suffered for over 2 months and was no closer to figuring out what's wrong until my recent visit. I left there feeling like I was important and he would find a solution. I have a newfound hope thanks to Dr. Cox. I'm grateful and have no doubt that he'll do whatever it takes to help me!
  • Dr. Cox listens to me, identifies the problem, and explains any and all processes and procedures to resolve the problem. I am so grateful for his and his staff's expertise and professionalism.
  • Everyone was very friendly, relaxed, and very helpful. I did not feel rushed or like I was a bother when I asked questions. They even promptly returned my phone call when I called after my visit with a couple of questions. Really appreciated the courteous and knowledgeable staff and the doctor. He did not rush; was very clear and explained things in normal words, not all scientific.
  • Dr. Cox listens! He comes up with game plans on how to attack the pain or the problem. Continues until he can find a solution that’s agreeable to the patient. Great follow-up care. Great office staff.
  • I had a great experience. Great staff. Dr. Cox is easy to talk to and a good man. Very happy I was able to get in there in a short time. Could not have gone any better.
  • Dr. Cox is pleasant & efficient. He educates me on how to manage my foot issue instead of immediately insisting on surgery. I appreciate his approach.
  • Speedy appointment time when I initially called. Reasonable wait time in outer office. Prompt service in diagnosing problem. Very friendly staff. Very satisfied with service.
  • Dr. Cox was prompt, concerned, and thorough. I was very happy with my appointment with him. Plantar wart treated and will return in two weeks for follow-up. Thank you, Dr. Cox!