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Some ankle injuries respond to conservative care such as rest and bracing — but what if you have a severe ankle fracture, badly torn ligament, or another type of major ankle problem? Those are the situations in which you might need ankle surgery to reclaim normal function. With their extensive ankle surgery experience, Yavapai Foot and Ankle Center podiatrist Todd Cox, DPM, can perform all kinds of procedures to restore full ankle function. Call the Prescott, Arizona, office or use online scheduling to arrange a consultation.

Ankle Surgery Q & A

When would I need ankle surgery?

If you've tried the nonsurgical approach and still have serious ankle pain or recurring ankle injuries, ankle surgery might be the next step. In other cases, there's so much bone and tissue damage within your ankle that surgery is the only way to restore normal ankle function. 

What are the different options for ankle surgery? 

Yavapai Foot and Ankle Center offer many ankle surgery options, including:

Ankle arthroscopy

Ankle arthroscopy is a procedure in which your surgeon makes a small incision and then places a narrow tool, the arthroscope, into your ankle. The arthroscope has a miniature camera, which sends a live feed to a bedside monitor. 

Your surgeon uses this camera feed to view your inner joint. Then, your surgeon creates an additional tiny incision. They insert tiny surgical tools to perform necessary procedures like ligament repair and cartilage removal.  

Fracture repair

If you have a severe fracture, with the bone broken in multiple areas or a displaced fracture in which your bones don't line up, you may need surgery to restore proper bone alignment. Your surgeon may use metal screws and plates to secure the bones.

Ankle joint replacement

In an ankle joint replacement, your surgeon replaces the ends of your ankle bones with prosthetic parts. You may need ankle joint replacement if you have advanced arthritis.

Ankle fusion

Ankle fusion permanently connects your ankle bones using metal components. Over time, these bones heal into one. This surgery is primarily for people with severe arthritis and may be an alternative to joint replacement. 

Ankle reconstruction

If you have recurrent ankle sprains and ankle instability, you might need ankle reconstruction to tighten weak ligaments. 

The surgical approach varies by situation. Yavapai Foot and Ankle Center takes the most conservative approach possible.

How long is recovery after ankle surgery?

It depends on the specific procedure. With some types of surgery, you might be able to walk almost immediately, but with others, you'll have some downtime. After any ankle surgery, you need rehabilitation to safely return to normal ankle use. Usually, this involves special exercises.

During your ankle surgery rehab, you'll strengthen the muscles that support your ankle and increase ankle flexibility. Most ankle rehab programs last around 4-6 weeks. 

Yavapai Foot and Ankle Center is here to help you through a safe and effective ankle surgery. Book your appointment by phone or through online scheduling today.